Monday, January 25, 2010

Dragonfly WIP

This is a very rough sketch to the piece I am currently working on. I am almost done with her now and she looks a little different than this sketch, but this gives you a rough idea as to what she will look like. I am working on refining my style. Being the Libra that I am, my art often reflects my indecisiveness. Sometimes I only want to do highly spiritual, symbolic, and mystical art and other times I just want to paint big eyed girlies. I am noticing that the artists that I am the most drawn to all fall under the catagory of Pop Surrealism. I like the idea of slightly distorting reality, and focussing on our vanity and messed up self-image constructs.
A friend of mine showed me this link It is for a Digital Retouch website that shows before and after shots of all the models. It is amazing how much they do to give us a false view of what beauty is. I guess that is what I want to explore. How beauty can be seen in the absurd and how we can easily distort our vision of beauty.
I think even the big eyed girlies can be spiritual art. With my work it is the eyes that convey the story of each soul I paint. They look back at you and hopefully speak to you. At least that is what I hope they do. Anyway, that is what I am wanting to paint for now. I could change my mind tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Showing at Common Grounds

I have seven paintings being shown at Common Grounds coffeehouse and cafe in Lexington, Ky right now. They will be there until March 6th. It is a great little coffee shop with a lot of atmosphere and local traffic, so hopefully it will be a good spot to get some exposure in the area.
It is actually a little hard to not have my babies at home with me. It's funny, how you get use to having them around and then they are gone, you actually miss them. It is a lot like when my son first went to kindergarten all day. It is hard to think of them there without me. I know they are just inanimate objects, but to me I breathed life into them just like I did my real children.
So if you happen to be in Lexington in the next two months please drop by Common Grounds and check on my babies. They are hanging in the backroom on the first floor.

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