Sunday, February 21, 2010

My new Pseudo name

So I have been thinking for awhile that I need a different professional name. I often go by Moon Spiral as a username on many of the artist sites I am on like Red Bubble. This is very symbolic of me and my consiousness, but more like a nickname than what I want to go by professionally. It also has to do with the way I sign my paintings with a moon and a spiral. I love symbols and have always preferred to sign my paintings with a symbol rather than my name.
I am very into numerology and have felt that the vibration of my married name, Tammy Wampler, feels a little off. Nothing against my husband's name, it just does not fit me in a professional sense.
I believe there is a lot of power in your name. For years now I have given professional intuitive readings and I use a person's name to research into their past lives. This is called lexigramming and you wouldn't believe the shocking things you can find in your name.
I think most of my friends would think I am flakey if I told them they have to start calling me a different name now, although most of them probably think I am slightly flakey anyway. I have decided to keep Tammy, but change my last name. I wanted it to have a ring to it that is memorable and a little bit like my style of painting; a little pop surrealish I suppose. So my new "arteest" name is Tammy Mae Moon. The numerology of this full name equals a 2 which vibrates to the moon which is completely my vibration. My moon itself in my natal birth chart is in Cancer(which vibrates to the moon). The vibration of Mae Moon is a 6, which vibrates to Venus. I think the moon and Venus vibration is really the whole vibration of my art itself. It is feminine, intuitive, with a strong focus on beauty(Venus) and the unconscious mind(the moon).
So I am introducing my new self, luckily you can still call me Tammy or Moon.

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Ariel. said...

I love your new name, Tammy! I think it sounds delightful and has everything to do with your work! Ariel is not my real name either. it is my stage name when i worked as an actress since '91. it got so incorporated to my self that both my maiden and married name are like strangers to me... :P

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