Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quetzalcoatl, WIP

I started a new painting this weekend and was progressing pretty quickly on her,and then got a cold today. I don't have a lot of energy to paint on her today so I thought I would post a WIP. She is a little bigger than my usual, 24x30, and I think I really like this size!

The first image is of my pencil sketch on the canvas. I do a pretty rough sketch just to know where everything is going to be. I was having a pretty hard time deciding where her back was going and if I should add butterflies or not. I erased a whole bunch at this stage.

Here she is with some color added. I have decided to change the way I had her orientated in the sketch and to get rid of the butterflies for now. I might add some at the end, but now I am thinking some kind of blackbirds flying in the distance added at the end.

Here is what she looks like right now. I have most of the elements painted in, and a whole lot of detailing to do and trying to de-sloppify some sloppy elements. I can be pretty impatient when I first start a painting. I want to get everything on the canvas quickly so I can get an idea of what it will look like. Then I go back and detail and fix my mistakes.
I am pretty happy with her so far. I know I am because I keep staring at her. Sometimes they just really captivate me, and that is when I know I am doing something right.
I am calling her Quetzalcoatl after the Mayan feathered serpent god. I will go into that more when I post the final painting. I am just really enjoying painting snakes lately. I also think the Slyvia Ji influence is even stronger in this work. I am just completely taken with her work. I know this painting has my own touch, but it is highly influenced by her amazing work.
Hopefully I will have this done within a week or two, but right now I think I just need to lay down. I worked at my daughter's preschool two days in a row last week, I am sure that is where I picked up this cold...dang it :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New work and group show

I am almost done with a new painting. It really isn't extremely detailed, it just seems I haven't had a lot of time to work on it. I have been highly influenced by the work of Sylvia Ji lately. How can you not be inspired by her work? I think this latest piece shows some of her influence, but with my own touch of course. I should have it posted this week.
This weekend I will have a booth at Buster's bar for the Art in Motion Shakedown. It is Saturday from 7:30 until closing time. I will have one piece of art up for auction. You can read more about it here.
The weekend of May 22nd I have two exciting things to report. I will again be doing tarot readings and spirit guide drawings at the Inner Lights Festival in Lexington. I will also have two pieces, "Jezebel" and "Spirit of the West Wind" in a group show at Gallery 101 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am very excited as I will be showing with many of my favorite artists from Red Bubble.

Here is the Press Release for the event:
"MASQUERADE": A Multi-Media Arts Event and Masquerade Ball!

Opening reception and "masked gathering"
SATURDAY MAY 22nd, 2010 From 7-10 PM

for those who may want to purchase a mask for this event, there will be a limited amount of masks available for sale at the door


This exhibit will include masks and other art works by artists responding to symbolic and concrete uses of masks related to carnival, ceremonial, spiritual, and other societal appearances of "masking". The exhibition will examine the mask as a wearable work of art, as a means of hiding or changing the identity of a person, as a protective device, literal and metaphoric meanings of"masking" in contemporary culture.

Historically, mask-makers have shown great resourcefulness in selecting and combining a wide array of materials. Artists in this exhibition also incorporate familiar and unexpected materials in their works.

Poetry by Mia Roman-Hernandez

A Special performance by Jean Minuchin from 8:30 pm till 8:45pm


Lily Fernandez, Adam White, Virginia Metayer, Elisabeta Hermann, Helene Ruiz, Sergio Cervantes,Lynnette Shelley, Mia Roman-Hernandez, kUrban, Janet Villasmil, Wahala Temi, Tammy Mae Moon, Patricia Ariel, Melissa Shawn Griffin, Jennifer Geiss, Damien Venditti, Rishona Cann, Judy Polstra, Jim Hammond, Jean Minuchin and Nadya of Dream Pieces and Outrageous Wear

this is a special event curated by Helene Ruiz, founder of The Urban Individualists in collaboration with Adam White, of The Gallery 101..this exhibit ends june 5th, 2010
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