Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New pendants

I can paint and draw, but it seems everything else that is considered crafty I am dismally lacking in any talent. I tried making art pendants with prints of my work, the kind where you glue your print to a glass cabochon and a cameo. I had so much trouble with those. I tried multiple kinds of glues and they all soaked through to the print, no matter what I did to prevent it. I had a couple turn out okay, but gave up on them eventually.

So just the other day I got the idea to start actually painting on little wooden circles and making handpainted pendants. I have made two so far. Although I am enjoying this, my neck is so sore from bending over these and working with tiny brushes. I will have to see how popular they are before I make too many of them. Here is a sneak peak at the two I have done so far.

These are of the Welsh goddesses Arianrhod and Rhiannon. I plan to do goddesses mainly and some more pop surrealistic big eyed girls. They are 1 1/2 inch pendants with layers of glaze to protect the work and a bail glued on the back. Now I have to figure out how much to charge for these. They are pretty detailed and each one takes me awhile to do. I think it is pretty cool to be able to wear an original piece of art.


Lisa Michelle Garrett said...

Thank you for sharing once again! I was wondering how you did this..:) I'm on my way to sign up for your free newsletter..:)

Peace & Blessings
Lisa Michelle Garrett

MoonSpiral said...

Hi Lisa! I just got little wooden disk from a craft store (Michael's) and drew on them first with pencil, then sprayed a workable fixative over them. Then I painted over them with acrylics. Then I put about 3 coats of Diamond glaze (resin glaze) over them, it protects them and makes them shiny. The glaze also works as a glue for the bail on the back. Pretty easy, but time consuming.

Lisa Michelle Garrett said...

Wow! It's just so much detail..looks just as nice as your large paintings! Thank you for sharing your secrets with me..:) I will have to try this one day..might be a bit to small for me though..:)are you paniting anything today?..:D

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