Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Spirals in the sky

Because I have that neat little flag counter doo-hickey on my site it lets me know how people end up on my blog. I have noticed a few people that end up here were searching for something about spirals in the sky. Ironically, when I named my blog I was just trying to think of something connected to MoonSpiral, which is my user name on most sites. I also sign all my paintings with the symbol of the crescent moon and a spiral. When I first started doing this I honestly was doing it just because I thought it looked cool, and until just now when I went searching for spirals in the sky, I had no idea this was an actual phenomena.
Evidently for the last couple of years people in Norway, Russia, and Australia have noticed these spirally lights in the sky at night. Here is a nice pic of one of the Aussie spirals:
Pretty cool, huh? Of course there is talk of UFOs and the overly-rationals saying they are being caused by rockets or test missiles. Hum, I wonder.
I have been thinking a lot about the Pisces energy today. Mainly because today there are 5 celestial bodies in Pisces and the New Moon tomorrow will be in Pisces. Then the biggy comes next month when Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, moves into Pisces. It has not been in Pisces since the 1960's. We can look forward to false institutions and belief systems being broken down, and a vibe of peace and love returning. Maybe if these spirals are connected to UFOs Neptune will help the truth come out, and maybe if they are missiles...Neptune will help us stop firing them on our fellow humans.
Peace and Love to all my brothers and sisters,


Kay said...

How interesting..I wonder if the ancients saw these spirals because they use them in their rock art. I use them too..such a wonderful design..besides we have Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake!!!

MoonSpiral said...

Interesting point Kay. Yeah the ancients all over were obsessed with the spiral. Makes you wonder!

Life In Technicolor said...

I to am obsessed with spiral, I think nearly all me art contain at least one or more, its the ancient geometry to I like, Ammonites fossil for example,interesting topic and great name moon spiral!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

very cool! I love sky spirals..they are fabulous and mesmerizing! and I love spiral symbolism in general...beautiful..thanks for sharing your magic!!

Tammie said...

hello Tammy,
I never knew about moon spirals either, what a wonderful thing to see here on your blog and in person. Love hearing about the pisces info too, being a double pisces my heart leaned in. Will be fun to see and feel Neptune in it's home landscape!
Thank you for sharing this.

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