Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Birch Tree Spirit

The Birch Tree Spirit
12x16 acrylic on panel

I was originally inspired to do a Birch tree spirit after reading the book called "Celtic Tree Mysteries, Secrets of the Ogham" by Steve Blamires.    Blamires discussed in depth how the ancient Celts saw trees on physical, mental, and spiritual planes.  In Celtic shamanism trees are worked with much like animal spirit guides are in Native American shamanism.  Each tree has a spirit and a message for us and can be our allies in the Otherworld.
Birch is the first tree in the Ogham, and the one that I am most drawn to right now.  Birch trees can grow in places that other trees can not.  Infact, the Birch tree is often the colonizer of new forests.  It's leaves are light and it's bark peels off easily and falls to the ground.  It feeds and fertilizes the soil around it so that other life can grow.  It helps other trees such as Oak and Beech to grow in places they would not otherwise.  But eventually the other trees grow taller than the Birch depriving it of light and killing it off.  Therefore the Birch is a tree of new beginnings, and a tree that sacrifices itself for the benefit of others.
Birch is a wonderful tree to work with when you are starting something new or change is upon you.  Meditating on it's self-sacrificing character is very healing, for the Birch is also regenerating and has life-giving properties.  She is a true goddess tree and we can  learn a lot from this silvery lady of the woods.

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WrightStuff said...

Fascinating piece. I did a Birch-inspired painting last year - maybe I could sense that hidden magic. I love being in ancient woodland, there's definitely something going on in there that we mere mortals can only sense at the edge of our conscious.

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