Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflecting on how far I have come

I was cleaning out my basement studio space last night and came across some old drawings from 3 to 4 years ago.  I did not start posting my work online until late 2008.  I have only felt like a "professional artist" in the last 2 years or so.  Before then I just fooled around with soft pastels.  I use to do spirit drawings for people and that was really how I began drawing people.
I came across a pastel drawing I did of White Buffalo Calf Woman in early 2008.  I was so struck with how rudimentary it seemed to me now.  I always loved to draw, and I always felt like I had some inkling of talent in me.  But now I really understand that talent in art is simply discipline in some ways.  When you work out everyday you eventually get a very toned body.  Art is the same way.  Sometimes it takes years to get very toned, but it takes doing it everyday.
For the last three years I have been painting or drawing something almost constantly.  I think I am finally starting to get some art muscle, although I am sure I will look back 3 years from now and think my current work is rudimentary (I hope so).
I wanted to post this picture of White Buffalo Calf woman for those that have just started drawing, or for those that don't think their art is very good.  Hang in there and practice everyday, you will get better.  Really all it takes is wanting it, and as I am sure most of you artists will agree....wanting it more than almost anything else.

                                               and here is what all my faeries use to look like :

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gwragedd Annwn

Gwragedd Annwn
14x18 in. acrylic and ink on panel
See her at the Forgotten Goddess show at the Rico Adair Gallery in L.A. on Nov. 18th.

Friday, October 14, 2011

LA show Nov.18th and Big SALE

If you haven't noticed yet, I started a big Half Off Sale on my website of older works.  The sale started on Oct.11th and runs until Oct. 18th.  There are currently only about 4 paintings left that are on sale, so go check it out at
The main reason I decided to have a sale right now is I am trying to raise money to go to LA on Nov.18th.  Many of my works will be in an exhibition to launch the Forgotten Goddess company.  I am really excited about this for multiple reasons.  For one, it will be my first time to show in LA and my very first trip to California (can you believe it....I don't get out much).  I am also really excited about being there to help launch the Forgotten Goddess.  I think many of us have dreamed of a company like this, one that empowers women and sells beautiful goddess art and other products along with inspiring others to create.  I am so happy to be involved with this company.  Russelle Marcato Westbrook and Jenni Ogden Klein are two amazing women with a visionary plan, and I am very grateful they found me and have supported me and my work the way they have.

So, I am going to be at the opening of the Forgotten Goddess exhibition on Nov.18th at the Rico Adair Gallery in Studio City (I guess that is in North Hollywood).  I know some of you that read my blog and follow me are from California, I would be overjoyed to see some of you at the show.
Thank you to all of you who bought paintings this week and helped me to make this trip a reality.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mary, Queen of Sorrows

I decided to do a Mother Mary recently mainly because of the influence of my new friend and amazing artist Russelle Marcato Westbrook.  She is doing a whole series of exploring Mary and the opposites of dark and light within us all.
In the Bible, Mary was still a teenager when she was called upon to bear the Son of Man.  She became a mother in innocence, and lost her son in the height of his greatness.  She knew his fate, and had to bear the sorrow.  Mary is the one goddess that has been allowed in Christianity. She stands for compassion, nurturing, acceptance and love.  I think her archetype deeply effects women, especially mothers.
I am writing this right now as I am struggling with my son.  He is in 3rd grade and he is beginning to hate school.  He daydreams a lot and doesn't know how to handle his emotions very well.  He is a typical boy in our society. Boys are getting more and more lost everyday.  I think the Mary archetype has a lot to do with mothers and their sons.  We are losing our sons to war and violence, and we are suppose to just grin and bear it.  We are suppose to be strong and just let our sons go, at least this seems to be the underlying message from our society.  But I think it is time for Mary to wake up.
I thought I would show you a few of the work in progress pics of Mary so you can see exactly how she evolved.  Sometimes I change them and play with them a lot before they are finished.

"Mary, Queen of Sorrows"                                                  
 16x20 acrylic and ink on panel

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