Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and last painting of 2011.

I spent New Year's Eve day trying to finish my Psyche.  I started her a few weeks back, and I felt like she needed to be done before 2012.  So I barely got her finished before it was time to start ringing in the New Year.     So here she is:

"Psyche's Abandonment"
24x36 acrylic on canvas

I think this painting sums up my 2011 in some ways.  It was a year that on some levels seemed uneventful.  I often felt like I was just going through the motions this year, and have often felt very unconnected to my spiritual self.  I almost felt like my psyche (or soul) had abandoned me.  But as 2012 approached and as I was working on this painting a new light is being birthed in me.  I can not really described it, but I know there is something re-awakening in me that has been hibernating for awhile.  
I am excited for the New Year and the direction that I want to take my art in.  I am being drawn to a lot of Christian/Gnostic imagery right now and I plan to mix it up with Pagan myth like I did in this Psyche painting.  I have some big plans for paintings, and yet I am going to have less time to paint.  I am now working at a Law office part time to make some extra money.  I am not happy about the loss of painting time, and yet I feel that making some steady money will take some pressure off of me with my art.  I do think when you are a professional artist it is easy to fall into a trap of "painting what you think will sell".  I look forward to creating out of a space of love instead out of space of survival issues this year.  
I hope you all find that Creative space of love this year.  Happy 2012!


Kay said...

Terrific painting and so glad things are working for you. I know I am always being told that I should not be job hunting but doing my art..but there is a need for some income and we do what we have to do! Happy New Year

plantie_bee said...

i get that feeling, so much pressure to "paint what you think will sell" and what your audience might be etc... ive also had to take on a full time job this year and though i miss all the free time painting, i also feel like the hours i do spend dedicating myself to it are more productive than ever! i hope itll be the same for you too in the new year, and yes!!
this year will be one great creative inspirational year i just know it!
it is a gorgeous painting, perfect for ringing in the new year ^^
all the best to you! xx

Anonymous said...

She's very cool! Happy New Year, Tammy Mae!

Victoria said...

Hello Kindred, is breathtaking and "alive"..very beautiful! HUgs and wishing you many new magical blessings in 2012! and yay..enjoy your new Rebirth...may it take you on many new beautiful journeys! Enjoy the magic of this new world!
PS; it has been lovely getting to know you and I look forward to the new magic you continually share..shine on!

Tammie said...

i love that you are feeling good about your new year and the direction you are going with your art. my sense is that when an artist is excited about their art that it will be well received. your painting is gorgeous.

lovely 2012 to you~

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